Monday, December 31, 2012

You say Goodbye, but I say Hello!

Well, it's done. Somehow, last year happened. It's over and it's never coming back.

Now, we say "Hello, 2013!"

I always dread the last day of the year, but from midnight on, I am happily and anxiously awaiting what's in store for the coming year. It's my very own clean slate, my fresh start, automatically built into the calendar.

So, How can I be useful this year?

Well, just like a good breakfast, you have to start your year taking good care of yourself. You can't help anyone else if you don't help yourself. It IS a selfless thing to put others ahead of yourself, yes, but what message are we sending those we're helping?

I believe in spreading self-love and it starts with ourselves. Everyone has a power inside them, it just needs an outlet. Think about a criminals self-worth. Everyone deserves to feel loved and though I wish I could get to them all, i can't. That's too much for any man.

What I plan to do is sprinkle a little love all around the city. It will spread, I'm sure of it.

This has been wise words from Willow.